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Holding Hands

About Us

   The Company has assembled an experienced management team

Home Nurse Making Bed

 Administrator - Dominique Garrett - Flowers is an accomplished real estate professional who possesses a proven track record of success with a combined 20 plus years in residential and Commercial Real Estate. Dominique also handles budgeting, auditing, account management, contract administration, and vendor relations and negotiations. In addition to staff supervision and the professional development of her team members, Dominique also proudly manages client relations by building and maintaining positive rapport with clients.

Medical/Family Care Specialist - Mioshy Smith has over 21 years of medical experience ranging from Home Health Care, Long-Term Acute Care, Nursing Home Care, ICU, ER, Respiratory Therapy, and Organ Donation Management.

Staff Manager/Admin - Maticka Maxwell is a retired veteran of the United States Army. Maticka also has 25 plus years as a certified nursing assistant, home health aid, private care worker, and direct care worker. 

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